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February 21-23, 2021
Penn State Hotel and Conference Center
215 Innovation Blvd.
State College, PA 16803


Preview the RFP Form

To Complete and Submit a 2021 Conference RFP, click on the link below.

Submit an RFP

Submission Deadline is August 1, 2020


The Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals (PASAP) would like to thank you for your interest in providing a professional development presentation at the 2021 Conference.  

Concurrent breakout sessions will be held during (5) five allocated sessions beginning at 12:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon, February 21, 2021, through 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 23, 2021. Two Plenary sessions will be scheduled on Sunday afternoon which will be two hours in length. Breakout sessions will be two hours in length.    

The conference planning committee may select presentations to fill double slots or keynote sessions and may request that certain sessions be repeated more than once during the conference.  

All concurrent session applications must be submitted online. Downloading a copy of the RFP Form (PDF) for review and planning the content of your RFP is highly recommended. Paper submissions will not be accepted.   

The RFP does contain the speaker agreement which includes PASAP's policies on registration and presenting which must be agreed to before a proposal can be completed and submitted online. 

Presenters will be responsible for providing any technology required for the session (e.g. LCD projector, laptop). Each room will be equipped with a projection screen and a cart with a power supply. Most rooms will be set up classroom style (chairs in rows with tables)

Presenters are responsible for duplicating handouts and materials that will be provided to participants. Regular sessions typically draw 15-30 participants while Plenary sessions can draw up to 150 participants. Additional information about estimated attendance will be provided to presenters in mid-February.   We encourage you to submit an electronic copy of your handout(s) to the PASAP office at support@pasap.org prior to the start of the conference so that your presentation handouts can be posted on the PASAP website for conference attendees. We hope this will also save time and resources for each presenter. 

The online application system WILL NOT allow you to return an incomplete RFP. Please be prepared to complete the application in its entirety and submit in one sitting. Again, we suggest that you have your information/answers prepared prior to beginning the RFP.


 Information Needed to Complete an RFP

In order to submit a complete RFP that will satisfy Act 48 requirements, we advise that you have the following information pre-prepared before beginning the RFP submission.

Click on the links for more details

 Contact Information   Session Content
 Presentation Title & Description Session Relevance
 Learning Objectives/Goals - minimum of 3 All Presenter(s) Pics and Bios 
 Session Outline


Contact Information - Have the complete contact information for the lead presenter and co-presenters (names, organizations, addresses, phone, email addresses, etc.)

Presentation Title and Description - You can enter or paste this information into the RFP. 
Title -
Please be brief/concise. PASAP reserves the right to modify to fit registration and promotional formats
Description - 
Will be used on the website and in the program booklet - 150 words maximum

Session Learning Objectives/Goals - Provide a minimum of three (maximum of five) clear, concise, measurable and behaviorally stated instructional learning objectives/goals for the participants in this session. Objectives/Goals must address what the participant would be able to do to increase student achievement and school success as a result of the session not what the instructor expected to do. 
Verbs to avoid when writing objectives: to know, to understand, to appreciate, to enjoy, to grasp the significance of, to believe
Verbs to use when writing objectives: to write, to recite, to recognize, to identify, to differentiate, to solve, to construct, to list, to compare, to contrast, to state 
(100 character limit for each objective)
  For example:
Participants will identify strategies to effectively implement aftercare support in a school setting.
After attending the session and reviewing the materials provided, participants will recognize the symptoms of suicidal ideation.

Session Outline - Act 48 requires an outline of the content to be provided during the session. 

Session Content - Please describe how the content of the session will support students in becoming successful learners and/or how it will assist the participant in designing or implementing policies and procedures that support a positive, safe school climate.

Session Relevance - How does this session contribute to the advancement, extension and enhancement of the professional skills and knowledge of the practice of teaching, social work, school psychology, school counseling, school nursing, Student Assistance Program Team process or therapeutic intervention? 

Presenter(s) Pics and Bios - All presenters are required to provide a brief one or two paragraph biography. As per Act 48 requirements, the biography must include the trainer's credentials and areas of expertise as a way of demonstrating their qualifications to deliver the proposed offerings.
A picture is also requested so that it may be included with your profile. Upload your picture or email your picture as an attachment to support@pasap.org. Your biography and picture will be used in the conference program booklet, the speaker profile section of the PASAP website, and in conference promotional materials.

Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals
PO Box 1254
State College, Pennsylvania 16804 

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