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Pennsylvania aSSOCIATion

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The Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals is an association of school personnel, community-based program specialists, and statewide agency liaisons who are organized to address the needs of Student Assistance professionals and Pennsylvania youth. PASAP works to identify and reduce barriers to learning and promote mental, emotional, and physical wellness. This is done through prevention, intervention, and referrals to support services.

our goals

To provide a state forum for sharing resources, common needs, experiences and outcomes.

To promote the establishment of interdisciplinary approaches to student assistance programming.

To promote the development of joint school/ community programs for youth.

To promote and provide leadership and training at national, state, and local levels.

To advocate for increased local, state, and federal support for student assistance programs, treatment services, and personnel in both public and private sectors.


PASAP believes that the health of our youth is the basis of our future. We recognize that some students are working through trauma, mental illness, unhealthy relationships, and lack of adequate external supports among other concerns that will continue to have adverse effects on their well-being. We realize that there are detrimental influences in the areas of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. As a result of this recognition, and our commitment to the well-being of our youth, PASAP is committed to supporting and networking in the areas of prevention, intervention, treatment, aftercare, ongoing support services, and education to all those individuals or organizations who foster this same commitment.

The PASAP Beginning 

The first general membership meeting of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistance Professionals (PASAP) was held February 12, 1990, at the Northeast Regional Student Assistance Conference held in Philadelphia. Members of the group's first board of directors were formally introduced at the meeting.

The size and scope of the student assistance movement in the state led to the formation of PASAP. That interest found expression initially in April 1989, when more than 35 Pennsylvania delegates met during the National Student Assistance Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss the idea. It was agreed that a statewide SAP association could serve many needs of student assistance professionals (e.g., networking, bridging the gap between publicly and privately trained SAP teams, advocating for common interests, and creating and maintaining a statewide voice).

In establishing the board of directors, care was taken to select a board that would be geographically representative of the state and would be well balanced in terms of SAP professionals (urban, suburban, and rural locations), private providers, and treatment professionals (mental health and substance abuse). The board consists of 17 members, all of whom volunteer their time.

PASAP's Board of Directors introduced at the organization's first general membership meeting included; Barbara Cincera, Audrey Conway, Pat Dareneau, Jack Gallo, Betsy Gingrich, Jim Higgins, DeRicci Horwatt, Brenda Kindom, Lorrie Long, Harriette Meriwether, Phil Monteith, Robert Oliver, Diana Kulp-Dale, Gwen Porter, Lee Rush, John Tobey, and Chris Yeager.

Pennsylvania Association of Student Assistant Professionals

P.O. Box 1254

State College, PA 16804

PASAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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